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Digital Archive Project

LAGANZ is embarking on a project to commission a digital archive platform for New Zealand's LGBTTFIQ communities.

Our Goal

Our goal is to commission a digital archive platform that will enable us to collect, manage, digitise, preserve and provide online access to the rich materials we hold for the LGBTTIFQ communities. We will need to establish the funding and capability to not only commission it but also to sustain it over the long term.

Two principles or concepts from Māoritanga guide and inspire us in our efforts to collect, preserve and make available the records of our LGBTTFIQ communities. They have informed our thinking and vision for commissioning a digital archive platfiorm:

  • Whanaungatanga - working together to support each other across all generations; a relationship through shared experiences and working together which provides people with a sense of belonging;
  • Whakapapa - descent from one's ancestors, the people who have come before us.

We are grateful for the funding support we have received to date from the Rainbow Wellbeing Legacy Fund that has enabled us to do preparatory work on digitisation, digital collecting and developing plans for commissioning a digital archive platform.

Public Meetings and Online Forums

Starting in October 2021 we are starting a series of meetings and online forums via Zoom to share our plans, solicit ideas and feedback from our communities, and to seek direct community involvement from volunteers and those who want to support us in other ways.

LAGANZ Digital Archive Project Public Meetings and Online Forums
Date/Time Description Contact

Wed 20 Oct 2021,

LAGANZ Digital Archive Project - Public Meeting
Tiakiwai Seminar Room, Lower Ground Floor - National Library, entrance off Aitken St, Wellington

The Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand: Te Puranga Takatapui o Aotearoa (LAGANZ) invites you to join us in an exciting programme to launch the next stage of our digital journey. LAGANZ is looking to build on digital initiatives started earlier this year and needs to plan for the development of a digital archive platform, digitisation of collections, and new approaches to collecting born digital materials. This is a major project which we hope will deliver online access to the rich LGBTQI+ collections held by the Archive.

We wish to invite wide community participation to help us achieve this ambitious goal.


Register with Roger Swanson at curators@laganz.org.nz as space is restricted at Level 2.
Wed 27 Oct 2021,

LAGANZ Digital Archive Project - Online Forum

Zoom Meeting ID: 982 3544 9227
Password: Contact curators@laganz.org.nz to receive it in advance. Will also be available here from 5pm on the day - refresh this page eg Ctrl + F5 after 5pm.

Zoom session for LAGANZ to share its plans, seek commuity feedback and volunteer involvement in its plans to commission a digital archive platform. We will cover much the same ground as the 20 October Public Meeting above but will share updates and ideas from that meeting.

Request Zoom meeting and password details in advance from Roger Swanson at curators@laganz.org.nz.

How to Get Involved

We would welcome interest from volunteers, as well as from people who have expertise in the area of digitisation and digital archive practice.

We plan to set up structures that will allow for contributions from people of all backgrounds to support the development of our digital archive.

Please visit Volunteers to see how to contact us, stay in touch and get involved.





Last updated: 11 Jun 2021

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