Friends of the Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand:
Te Pūranga Takatāpui o Aotearoa
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There are two types of membership of the Friends of LAGANZ: Personal membership and Corporate membership (available to incorporated and unincorporated groups).



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[   ]              I enclose a donation of $ ______ for general LAGANZ purposes.


[   ]              I enclose a donation of $ ______ towards the fund for the
LAGANZ Parkinson Grant to Researchers.
The LAGANZ Parkinson Grant to Researchers was established in 2011 to acknowledge Phil Parkinson’s contribution to the Archives over 30 years and to encourage use of the collections. Awards totalling up to $500 are made annually. The purpose of the Grant is to defray the research expenses of researchers using the LAGANZ collections with the intention of publishing research relating to LAGANZ’s objects.


[   ]              I enclose an extra $5 to receive hard copies of Friends newsletters.
Newsletters (usually 3-4 each year) are now ordinarily sent to Friends in PDF format by email.


 [   ]             Please send information about supporting LAGANZ by automatic payments.


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Receipts for donations are posted out shortly after receiving payment.  Donations to LAGANZ (registered charity CC27707), but not subscriptions to Friends, are eligible for tax rebate.  Attach our official receipt to your tax return.




I hereby declare my personal support OR the support of the corporate group I represent for the objects of the LAGANZ Trust.







Thank you for supporting LAGANZ.  Please post the completed form and your cheque (payable to “LAGANZ”) to: Friends of LAGANZ, PO Box 11-695, WELLINGTON 6142.


If you prefer: pay directly into our bank account 020500-0899403-00, using your surname as a reference, and email Gavin Hamilton, Treasurer at with details (e.g split between Friends sub, donation, date payment made etc).

Objects of the Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand: Te Pūranga Takatāpui o Aotearoa Trust


These are the objects of the Trust as set out in section 3.1 of the Trust’s Constitution, updated 11 February 2009.


“LGBTTFIQ” means any person who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, takatāpui, fa'afafine, intersex or queer and is intended to include any same-sex attracted, transgender or intersex members of any indigenous community of the Pacific.


The objects of the Trust shall be such charitable purposes according to the law of New Zealand as the Board shall think fit and in particular, and by way of illustration, but not by way of limitation of such general charitable purposes the following (but only to the extent that such particular objects are charitable as aforesaid):-


            (a) the provision of an archival repository for the personal papers of LGBTTFIQ and the archives of LGBTTFIQ organisations and for related documents of historical and cultural value;


            (b) the provision of an advisory service to assist LGBTTFIQ organisations to preserve and organise their archives;


            (c) the active collection, preservation and making available for creative use of the historical and cultural records of LGBTTFIQ;


            (d) the advancement of learning and scholarly research through the facilitation of access to historical, cultural and sociological documents on the subjects of human sexual orientation, sexual behaviour and sexual identity;


            (e) the promotion of a supportive social environment for LGBTTFIQ and their families and the promotion of the health of LGBTTFIQ;


            (f) the facilitation of public education to promote wider understanding of sexual orientation and sexual identity, and, in particular, to combat prejudices against people stigmatised on account of their sexual orientation or sexual identity;


            (g) to raise money, acquire real and personal property and to do such other lawful things as are conducive or necessary to the attainment of any of the objects heretofore stated.